INGroup 2019 Workshop

Social Network Analysis Workshop (1:00pm-5:00pm)

Filip Agneessens, Julija Mell

The Social Network Analysis Workshop will provide an overview of concepts and statistical methods for studying relations between members of a group. These relations can focus on interactions with colleagues (e.g. communication, collaboration, gossip, or bullying) and/or on perceptions about colleagues (e.g. friendship, trust/distrust or like/dislike).

This 4-hour workshop will review existing research questions as well as potentially interesting future directions for research at three levels: the dyadic, individual and group level. We start with a discussion of basic social network concepts that allow us to describe the network structure of the group and individual members’ position within the group. We then go on to discuss how to analyse the networks within multiple groups in order to answer research questions at the group level. For example, how does the network structure of a group (its density, centralization or subgroup formation) impact outcomes such as group performance? We demonstrate how to perform these analyses in RStudio.

Finally, we touch upon statistical models to study the existence of a tie between two members, such as Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGM) and longitudinal Stochastic Actor Oriented Models (RSiena models), to help us understand the emergence of network relations between group members.

For this workshop please ensure that you have RStudio installed and functioning on your computer.


80 Min. Basics and individual level analysis

10 Min. Break

80 Min. Group level analysis

10 Min. Break

30 Min. Dyadic level analysis

30 Min. Discuss your own research question